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Hi everybody, I just got my new Mackbook Pro 2021 with the new M1 Pro chip so today we’re testing how it performs with Adobe After Effects. This Macbook is the 14″ version with 10 core CPU and 16 core GPU & 16GB ram.
I will test 3 projects: the 1st video is a simple project with graphic elements, mostly shapes and couple of adjustment layers, but no 3D layers whatsoever. The 2nd video is a bit more complex project because there are 3D layers and the 3rd video is a 4k drone shot to which I will apply some color grading. The results are good but not excellent, in case you are a pro editor I think the 32GB version will be needed especially for After Effects which is a heavy RAM eater.


Hi, when I use After Effects, the frame looks like this, when in reality it is supposed to look like this: When zoomed into the frame by quite a bit, the shapes and texts appear as they should, so I guess it is a bug on the side of After Effects? I'm using the brand new MacBook Pro 2019 - 16' int. The Quad-Core i7 MacBook Pros were clearly faster than the Dual-Core i7 MacBook Pros. We posted results for the 2011 2.2GHz Quad-Core i7 running both 4G and 8G of RAM. Having more memory does affect render speed in a significant way - at least in this case. OWC has a 16GB kit for the 2011 MacBook Pro.

After Effects Macbook Pro Archives Free

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After Effects Macbook Pro Archives

00:00 – Video Overview
00:29 – 1st project, simple video with graphic elements
02:52 – 2nd project, simple video with 3D layers
06:17 – 3rd project, 4k drone shot
07:59 – Rendering all 3 projects
08:17 – Renders are done, getting the results
08:55 – Final remarks

Macbook Pro 2021

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After Effects Macbook Pro Archives Full

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