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Brown, Thomas B.
19th-century sermons presumed to belong to Rev. Thomas B. Brown since they were found in the library of his daughter, Mrs. E.M. Tomlinson. [1 box]

  • Alfred Archive Edition: Alfred Church Choral Series. Communion; Fall; Peace Sunday; Sacred. Jubilate Music Group - Digital #00-19905.
  • 2) Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense building. He reveals the plot twist early on, because he believes that suspense is a mood. Mystery is an intellectual process, like in a whodunit. But suspense is essentially an emotional process. Therefore, you can only get the suspense element going by giving the audience information.

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Alfred hitchcock cinema archives

Burdick, Asa C.
Twelve diaries: 1866, 1868, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1877, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1885, 1886 [1 box]

Chipman, Myrata (Fannie) F. Beach
Myrata Chipman was not a student of Alfred University but she did have many friends who attended. Both her beau, Walter Francis King, and husband, Truman Franklin Chipman attended Alfred. Photo album from 1914-1915 is included along with snap-shots from WWI. [1 box]

Alfred university archives

Crandall Family Papers
Rewards, speeches, letters, and certificates associated with Emily Truman, Emiline Truman, Henry Crandall, Susie Crandall, Sarah Crandall, Eveline Crandall, and Hannah Crandall. Arabic and Asian writings, designs also enclosed. [1 box]

Gillette, D.H.
Sermons: 1843-44, enclosed in one book. [1 box]

Greene, Leon Sherman
Collection consists of 17 oil paintings (most painted by L.S. Greene) as well as a clock made by him in 1918.

Greene, W. R.
From Andover, NY. Religious education conference material: International Council of Religious Education, 10th World Sunday School Convention held July 1928 in Los Angeles, California and the 73rd New York State Sunday School Convention held October 1928 in Schenectady, NY. Road maps from 1928: Wyoming, Arizona, Washington, Southern California tourist guide, National Parks, Seattle-Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. [1 box]

Alfred Archives Of Medicine

Kelley Family
Genealogy recorded by A.W. Kelley while at the Fostoria Academy, Fostoria, Ohio. Record of the Kelley family in Ireland. Notables names with biographical information include Ennis Kelley (b.1628), Michael Kelley (b.1692), Bolan Kelley (b. 1668), Edward Kelley (b.1728), Barney Kelley (b.1730), John R. Kelley (b. 1797), Mary E. Kelley (b. 1829), Edward G. Kelley (b.1831), Emaline Kelly Darstmon (b. 1834).

Box includes an essay by Alice A. Maynard entitled 'The Laws of Discord,' 1897, Burnsville, Miss. [1 box]

Maxson, Samuel R.
Diary (transcription) of Samuel R. Maxson from 1885. Born in 1843 in Rock County, Wisconsin, Maxson’s parents were Stephen Maxon and Lois Maria Babcock Maxson. The diary outlines his visits to Alfred, NY, Janesville, WI, Milton, WI, and travels through the states of Washington and Montana. Collection also contains letters between the Langworthy and Maxson family members (late 1840s – early 1850s), early settlers and residents of Allegany County or Jefferson County and all members of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. Also included is a small notebook (1843-45) with handwritten notes on Samuel R. Maxson’s physician training, pages include treatments for various ailments. Notebook includes a letter written by Maxson while in Scotland in 1867 to Prof. S.D. Gross in Philadelphia. [1 box]

Ordway Family
The Ordway Family Papers include materials on the career of Jennie Ordway (1861-1931), who was a Presbyterian missionary at Taos, NM, Salina, UT, San Pablo, CO and San Juan, PR. She was a teacher at various Indian schools and later superintendent of the Presbyterian Hospital at San Juan. There are pamphlets, photos, clippings, certificates, testimonials, and some scattered letters from her to family members and others on her work. Individual items include: two photo albums of the San Juan Hospital, Jennie’s diary at Salina during 1888-90, diaries of her brother Smith Ordway at Alfred University in 1875, and at the home farm in Jasper in 1872. Other materials belonged to Jennie’s father Jonathan L. Ordway (1830-1899) of Jasper. They include a book of religious meditations, his diary for 1890-95, and a long MS. autobiography which gives a detailed account of pioneer farm and family life, religion, and education, with many anecdotes of childhood discipline, economic problems, etc. There is also genealogical data on the Ordway Family. [5 boxes]

  • Box 1 and 2 : Jennie Ordway
    Career, photos, missionary stories, funerary services, letters, retirement Father was Jonathan Luther Ordway
  • Box 3: Jonathan Luther Ordway
    Photo of J.L. Ordway’s headstone, four notebooks written by J.L. Ordway, pencil tablet-records and historical sketches of the Whiting family, autobiography of J.L Ordway and his 1890-95 diary, 'Cayuga' writing tablet to Mrs. Sarah Ordway
  • Box 4: Smith Ordway
    Ordway genealogy, family photos-also Smith Ordway photos, memorabilia, journals, Ordway Family clippings, Gretta Ordway letters.
  • Box 5: English Grammar Manuscript
    19th-century manuscript for an English grammar book; date and author unknown.

Alfred C Greene Biography Obituary Archives

Thacher Family
Collection includes diary of Theodore J.O. Thacher (1860-61) and his autograph book (1862-66), 1886 address by T. Dwight Thacher 'Thirty Years out of School,' letter regarding William Franklin Goodwin Thachers involvement in the beginning of Alfred University’s football team, obituary for Hannah Kennedy Thacher (1803-1890), obituary for Mary Thacher Emery (1857-1935, daughter of Solon Otis Thacher, obituary contains information on him), and two photographs: AU students at Lovers’ Lane (circa 1895) and AU students (circa 1899). [1 box]