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The best data recovery software and services makes it simple and easy to recover deleted files and folders on your computer, mobile device, or storage media. Ask anyone who has experienced data.

  1. File Recovery Software Archives Online
  2. File Recovery Software Archives Online
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  1. Procedural Screenshots of Archive Recovery Software. Step 1: Launch the Archive recovery software and select the archive file type. Step 2: Now select either single or multiple files. In case of single file selection, click browse to select the ZIP file. Step 3: Selected ZIP file will be listed in the edit box.
  2. SysTools Hard Disk Recovery Portable is a complete solution to recover permanently deleted files from NTFS and FAT file system. The software also retrieve data after formatting hard disk. The tool support RAW hard drive data recovery professionally. Just perform a few steps and restore lost files from internal and external hard drive.
  3. EaseUS ® free data recovery software is your second to none choice for quick but complete file recovery from Windows desktops, laptops, and other Windows-compatible devices. It serves 100+ real-life data loss scenarios like deletion, formatting, RAW, etc. With a higher success rate than others. Free Download Recover up to 2GB for free.

We often think that the content within a ZIP file is safe. However, the malware and virus are seeing enormous developments, which make them easy to penetrate even a ZIP file. But, there is nothing to worry because there are applications available capable of scanning and recovering data from a corrupted ZIP file. These applications use deep scan technology and penetrable algorithms that make them unique and efficient in retrieving data from a ZIP file. Let us look at the top ten ZIP file recovery applications.

Part 1: The Best ZIP File Recovery Software

File Recovery Software Archives Online

In the past, recovering a file from a corrupted folder was tricky and unprofessional. The scenario is now different because of Recoverit (IS) for Mac (or Recoverit (IS)). The software is capable of scanning a corrupted folder, hard disk, partition, and any other device, and selects an appropriate recovery mode to retrieve the maximum files from the disk. There are no limitations to the retrieval of data and the file formats. Data Recovery for Mac from iSkysoft quickly and with ease recovers data. The following are the additional features of the program, which make it ahead of other recovery tools available in the market.

Why Choose This ZIP File Recovery Software:

  • Flexible recovery settings and intuitive user interface
  • One-click start and stop scanning process
  • Save scan information, scan particular file formats to save time
  • Find files or folders using filters and folder trees
  • Distinguish between valid and invalid data

Step-By-Step Guide to Recover Corrupt ZIP Files

File Recovery Software Archives Online

Step 1. You can download the program from the official website. They can drag the exit or double file to the applications folder and double click the icon to begin the installation. After completion, they can launch the program, and from the main screen, you can now chppse the data types that you have lost. The software will scan and recover these files for you. Then click 'Next'.

Step 2. In the next window, users can select the partition they wish to scan for corrupted ZIP folders. If a user does not see the partition of the hard disk, they can click the refresh icon to allow the program to display the partitions. Then click on the 'Start' button. The software will start scanning the files for you.

Step 3. After Recoverit (IS) finishes the scanning, it will display the files in the preview window. One can select a particular file within the zip folder to preview the continent. They can mark the files according to the requirement and press the 'Recover' button from the menu bar to save the marked the files to an external storage media.

If people don't find their missed zip files from the scanned results, please perform the 'Deep Scan' mode, which takes more time to recover thousands of files for you.

Part 2: Other Top 9 ZIP File Recovery Software

1# DiskInternals ZIP Repair

ZIP files are highly sensitive to corruptions. If the CRC values do not match the original files, then the standard tools will fail to extract the content. DiskInternals ZIP Repair helps in restoring the corrupted structure and extracting the contents of the archive.

● Easy to use interface
● No limitation on data recovery

● Fails to recover all the files contained in a ZIP file

2# Zip2Fix

Zip2Fix is a portable utility tool that is capable of extracting content from damaged ZIP folders. It easily extracts the content into a new ZIP folder. The fast processing ability of the program is its advantage.

● Simplistic software design
● Powerful in extracting content from corrupted zip folder

● Command line prompt could be confusing for some users

3# Object Fix Zip

Object Fix Zip is an application utility that is capable of repairing ZIP archives. It is capable of reconstructing a new ZIP file while recovering content from a faulty ZIP folder. The software is capable of testing, fixing, and processing unusable and corrupted ZIP archives.

● Manageable options
● Quick in processing

● Fails to function on certain systems and operating systems

4# PowerArchiver


PowerArchiver is a powerful compression utility filled with numerous features. It supports multicore compression, which makes it easy for the application to increase the compression speed. Apart from the advanced user interface, security features, and full support for 4K displays, the utility program is also capable of extracting content from a corrupted or damaged zip folder. PowerArchiver is a single solution for all the requirements of a user.


● Fast
● Accurate and reliable
● Attractive interface

● On certain operating systems, it ignores custom setup specifications

5# ALZip

ALZip is an all in one solution for a user who is looking forward to using a program that is capable of handling over 30 ZIP formats. The application features include context menu additions, password protection, virus scanner, and assistance in self-extracting archives. It even offers Unicode support along with a better compression ratio.

● A well planned layout
● Fast, efficient and accurate

● It associates itself with all the file formats with the system, which breaks Java and all Java-related programs

6# Advanced Zip Repair

Advanced Zip Repair is an intelligent tool for recovering corrupted ZIP archives. It performs a tedious action in order to retrieve as much data as possible from a corrupted zip folder. The program supports compressed files up to 4 GB with SFX and ZIP standards.

● Effective algorithm for deep scan
● Supports repair of batch files
● Checks data integrity and fixes incorrect CRC
● Supports command line parameters

File Recovery Software Archives

● Consumes a lot of time in repairing large zip archives

7# Nucleus Kernel Zip

Nucleus Kernel Zip is capable of recovering files from a corrupted ZIP archive. It also checks for CRC errors and tries to correct the CRC to retrieve as much information as possible from a particular zip folder. During repairing, the program performs a background scan of the damaged ZIP file to extract recoverable content.

● Powerful deep scan technology
● Attractive design
● Capable of retrieving larger data

File recovery software Archives download

File Recovery Software Archives Download

● It fails to recover files from corrupted zip archive
● In many cases, it corrupts the content of the corrupted zip folder

8# Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair

Stellar Phoenix Zip Repair is utility software designed to recover and repair damaged or corrupted zip files. The advanced features of the program help an individual to repair damaged the zip files after instances of unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, and media read error. The software is also capable of fixing troubled CRC of a ZIP archive and helps in retrieving as much content as possible from the folder. The enhanced the user interface and the support provided to the latest operating systems, make it feasible for a user to use the application to repair corrupted ZIP archives up to 1.5 GB.

● Does not modify the content of the data
● Helps in recovering large files
● Minimalistic design for easy use

● Does not work properly on Windows 10
● Repairing of a corrupted zip archive consumes a lot of time
● Does not host a proper help guide

9# ZipRecover

ZipRecover is a recovery utility tool that is capable of repairing broken or corrupted zip files. The software uses the latest technology to scan and recover data from the corrupted zip folder and minimizes the loss in file corruption. The unique Smartscan technology helps in quickly diagnosing the situation and helps in analyzing every byte of the damaged zip folder. Unlike other recovery programs, the software considers the requirement of the user while recovering data. It extracts the recoverable content from a corrupted ZIP archive into the destination folder selected by the user. The algorithm of the program helps the user to recover files from a ZIP archive that displays an error message stating that it does not appear to be a valid file, repairs broken interrupter downloaded files, partially overwritten files, and recovers data from the zip files corrupted due to a virus.

● Recovers data from openable ZIP archives
● Recovers data from zip files from a defective disk, CD, DVD, or a bad sector
● Scrutinizes the data integrity of a zip file and helps in fixing the CRC values
● Scans every byte of the corrupted ZIP archive and helps in recovering as much content as possible

Free Recovery Software

● It fails to operate on files containing larger volume
● In some cases, it removed the corrupted files from the zip archive


With different ZIP file recovery publications are available, choosing an efficient software becomes easy with the help of the details explained as above. RAR file recovery is easy with the use of Recoverit (IS) that uses advanced options. Grab your trial copy today!

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File Recovery Software Archives Windows 10

In the 'save' dialogue box, the Archive Recovery software allows you to save the repaired file in the original format. Besides, it extracts data in an uncompressed format. ZIP or other popular compression algorithms used by many third-party organizations to roll out. Their software for compression and decompression support more than hundreds of such tools. Besides, these deflates used by many web servers provide compression attributes either in transmission/data downloading and uploading. Almost all use the ZLIB library and this ZLIB is the holy grail of all deflate or ZIP related compression schemes. Some vendors modify or tweak some of the internal mechanisms to get more compression which makes them non-standard and hence in such cases decompression of recovered stream might get failed due to non-standard implementation. But, there is an advantage that SysInfoTools Archive repair tool results in the repaired ZIP file using which you can decompress. Moreover, you can recover data from non-standard ZIP files too. Although this information is related to ZIP files and can also be applied on RAR, ZIP64, tar.gz, and tar.gz2.