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Are you unable to install FileMaker 17, 18 or 19? Perhaps you’re entering your FileMaker License Key information correctly, but still can’t finish the installation. Try uploading the License Certificate.

FileMaker License Key Won’t Work?

You’re trying to install FileMaker Pro 19, but you’re halted when the program won’t accept the FileMaker License Key information. This seems straightforward, but you can’t continue past the error screen.

With the release of FileMaker Pro Advanced 17, FileMaker began using the License Certificatein place of the License Key. The License Certificate is also utilized during the FileMaker Server installation.

The License Certificate tracks the number of user licenses on file, as well as how many users are connected to the FileMaker Server. An error message will appear if more installations than purchased are trying to connect. (If you receive this message frequently, contact Shawn to add more licenses to your contract.)

Where is the FileMaker License Certificate?

If you purchased FileMaker Pro as a download, you can access the installation files from the Electronic Software Download (ESD) link. If you’re a FileMaker Cloud user, log in to the FileMaker Customer Console and select the link to the subscription. The downloads tab contains the installers and the License Certificate.

The License Certificate exists in a format that Mac and PC aren’t able to process without assistance. However, FileMaker accepts this file type.

Download the License Certificate and the FileMaker Pro version that corresponds with your Mac* or PC**. After a quick introduction, you will be prompted to select “Use Trial,” “License Certificate” or “License Key”. While the ESD link provides the license key, we wouldn’t recommend manual entry. The easiest way to proceed is to select “Browse for Certificate,” and then upload the downloaded License Certificate.

Installing FileMaker Pro on a Mac or PC

Here are step by step instructions for installing FileMaker Pro version 17, 18 and 19 on your Mac or PC:

Installing FileMaker Pro on a Mac

Download the License Certificate and the FileMaker 19 Product Installer.

After downloading the FileMaker Pro file, double-click the disk image icon (.dmg file).

Drag FileMaker Pro to the Applications folder.

Open FileMaker Pro (by using the Finder or the search tool).

In the Install FileMaker Pro License window, click through the instructions. When you get to Personalization, select License Certificate.

Next, upload the License Certificate. Select “Browse for Certificate” then navigate to the LicenseCert.fmcert file. Select the file.

Continue to step through the installation.

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Connect to your database.

Installing FileMaker Pro on a PC

Download the License Certificate file and FileMaker Pro 19 from the Electronic Software Download link.

After downloading the file for FileMaker Pro, double-click the installation icon (.exe file).

Follow the onscreen instructions.

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Upload the License Certificate.

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To install the License Certificate, click “Browse,” then navigate to the license certificate file that was downloaded as LicenseCert.fmcert. Select the file.

Connect to your database.


Claris FileMaker 19 Technical Specifications

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*The operating system for your Mac needs to be macOS Catalina 10.15 or macOS Mojave 10.14
**The operating system for PC are Windows 8.1 Standard and Pro Edition (64-bit only), or Windows 10 Enterprise and Pro Editions (64-bit only)

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We sincerely hope that this article helps you bypass any installation issues. If you are still unable to install FileMaker, contact AppWorks and we will be happy to assist you.