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* DVD to MP4 Handbrake Guide: How to Use Handbrake to Freely Convert DVD to MP4 with Ease


Supported source formats. One of HandBrake’s strengths is its ability to open a wide variety of video formats. HandBrake uses FFmpeg under the hood and generally can open whatever FFmpeg will, in addition to disc-based formats like DVD and Blu-ray. Note: HandBrake does not defeat or circumvent copy protection of any kind. It does not work with video files employing Digital Rights Management. HandBrake 64 is an open-source, free video transcoder, which lets you convert video files into different formats.The program has been specifically designed for 64-bit systems, but there’s another version available for all Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

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Rip Copy Protected Dvd With Handbrake High Sierra Mac And Windows. This process is absolutely cross-platform, available on Mac and Windows. For example, if you want to rip protected DVD to MP4, simply select.mp4 option under General Video or HD Video. Here you can change the video size, aspect ratio, channel and resolution. Blu-ray Ripper, a Handbrake alternative, focuses on ripping DRM-encrypted DVD and Blu-ray. Handbrake 1.4 released with many new features and updates. We wrap up the release in this post. Handbrake 1.4 Running in Ubuntu The free and open-source audio and video converter Handbrake is used to convert video and audio files to different format. It is loaded with features and have ability to rip DVD or Blu-ray (without copy protection) to desired file format. This utility is one of the.

As is known to all, Handbrake can't handle any copy-protected DVD. But, the nice thing is that you also can use Handbrake to rip DVDs encrypted by CSS and region code with the help of Libdvdcss. Actually, Libdvdcss is a necessary factor for some DVD rippers that don't have the DVD decryption ability like Handbrake to easily access to the encrypted DVD. After installing Libdvdcss on Mac/PC, users can painlessly apply Handbrake to convert CSS copy-protected and region code blocked DVD to MP4. Then, follow the below steps to begin Handbrake DVD rip.

Step 1: Download and install Handbrake.
Go to Handbrake homepage to download the latest Handbrake 1.0.3 on your computer. If your are a Mac user, you can download Handbrake for Mac; you can download Windows version of Handbrake if you are a Windows user.

Step 2: Load DVD movie.
Fire up Handbrake and click 'Source' button on the left. Then select 'Open Folder' option to load DVD movie from computer hard drive. Certainly, you also can load DVD movie from disc by inserting DVD disc to computer DVD drive at first.

Note: To avoid of only ripping a section of DVD content like the preview or the DVD menu, you should choose the longest duration in the list under 'Source' section. Commonly, Handbrake will automatically choose the main movie.

Step 3: Select an Output Folder.
Hit 'Browse' icon to choose a destionation folder to save your converted DVD video file.


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Step 4: Set MP4 as the Output Format.
Feel free to choose MP4 as your desired output format under 'Output Settings' section. Correspondingly, you can choose MKV if you wanna convert DVD to MKV with Handbrake.

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Step 5: Start Handbrake DVD to MP4 conversion.
Tap 'Start' button on the top to start to convert DVD to MP4 Handbrake. According to our test, Handbrake took 42min to convert THOR DVD (115min) to a MP4 video with 855.2M. Generally speaking, the conversion time largely depends on your computer configuration, file size, output video settings and more.