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'I usually use Handbrake to rip my movie collection. But this day when I insert a Disney DVD, scan for the title and start, the video comes out scrambled. I've tried several times but have no success. I also have VLC installed on my computer and Handbrake 10.0.7. I have no idea why I get Handbrake Disney DVD scrambled videos with green blocks. Can I rip Disney protected DVD with Handbrake not scrambled or pixelated successfully?'

How to rip a DVD with HandBrake Step one: Install the software. To rip a DVD with HandBrake, you need to download the free software. The latest version. Step two: Insert a DVD and pick what to rip. Now insert your DVD into your Mac’s DVD drive and launch HandBrake. Step three: Choose a. Learn how to convert videos from DVD to MP4 using Handbrake in macOS.The natural limitations of DVD and the advance of alternative media (both storage and di. Oct 26, 2021 Download for Mac Download for PC. Step 1: Launch the Handbrake alternative and insert the Disney DVD. Click Disc button to load the DVD info. Step 2: It will automatically detect the correct title from 99 titles and pop up the output format window. Select the format or devices from the menu (mp4, iso image, h.264, mpeg4, iPhone all supported). Recommended HandBrake Settings for DVD Ripping: When converting from DVD to MP4, you must take the resolution of each format into consideration. DVDs mostly come in resolutions of 480p and 576p. This means that when they are being converted to MP4, it is best to convert to that same resolution. How do I rip a protected DVD with HandBrake Mac? Part 2 How to Rip a DVD with HandBrake: Steps Load the DVD you want to rip into HandBrake. Insert target DVD into the DVD drive of your computer. Choose the DVD title and chapter you want to rip. Configure output. Specify the destination to save your DVD rip file. Ask HandBrake to rip DVD in no time.


There are also other various issues with ripping Disney DVDs using Handbrake, especially when it comes to new movies on DVDs like incredibles 2, Black Panther, and Coco. for example,

'Handbrake doesn't display all movie sections', 'Handbrake failed to read the Disney disc at the very beginning', 'Handbrake ripped DVD movie chapters are in the wrong order', 'Handbrake Bad Sector Error when ripping DVD'.

This post will tell you what you can do when the output video is scrambled using Handbrake to rip Disney movies.

Possible Reasons:

Disney DVDs are not decrypted correctly.

By default, Handbrake won't rip Disney DVDs as it's incapable to crack the copy protections. However, almost all the Disney DVDs are protected with strong schemes, namely the Disney's x-project DRM and 99 titles. To rip Disney DVDs using Handbrake, it will need the libdvdcss library in VLC to remove the copy protections. So when Disney DVD won't rip with handbrake, first of all download a VLC player.

However, the change in decryption libraries since VLC 2.0 causes Handbrake libdvdcss errors, making it impossible for Handbrake to rip Disney DVDs and other protected discs. The Handbrake Disney DVD scrambled or pixelated video error is thus caused by the wrong & bad Disney movie title.

Method 1: Try alternative

While Handbrake won't rip Disney DVD due to the lack of support for copy protections, you can switch to another tool that equips such ability. The Handbrake alternative ripper for Disney DVDs here is called MacX DVD Ripper Pro. The ripper has the capability to break through the copy protections built-in. Therefore, it's convenient to remove the copy protections, rip DVD and convert DVD into other formats all at once.

Step 1: Launch the Handbrake alternative and insert the Disney DVD. Click Disc button to load the DVD info.

Step 2: It will automatically detect the correct title from 99 titles and pop up the output format window. Select the format or devices from the menu (mp4, iso image, h.264, mpeg4, iPhone all supported).

Step 3: Click the gear icon to adjust the video settings, and click the Edit button to do necessary adjustment (merge TV shows titles, subtitle edit, crop, compress large DVD videos etc.) as you need.

Step 4: When all is ready, click Run and start to rip. You will experience an obvious 5x faster speed to rip Disney DVD with Handbrake alternative thanks to the use of Intel's QSV hardware acceleration tech. This performance is by far the fastest speed that I observed on the market.

Note 1: If you fail to rip any tough Disney DVDs with the Handbrake alternative, like Frozen, Up, Coco, it will rip those DVD without problem.

Note 2: This guide aims to help those who have trouble ripping their bought Disney movies (or other commercial discs) for his personal use only. Ripping DVDs, especially protected discs is in gray area legally, so you're at your own risks to use any of the DVD rippers.

Method 2: Download libdvdcss

When the VLC libdvdcss library no longer works with Handbrake, you can download and install the latest libdvdcss manually. Below are the detailed guides on how to download and install the latest libdvdcss.dll file to rip Disney DVD with Handbrake on Windows & Mac.

For Windows users

Step 1: free download the libdvdcss library:

http://download.videolan.org/libdvdcss/1.2.11/win32/libdvdcss-2.dll (32 bit version)
http://download.videolan.org/libdvdcss/1.2.11/win64/libdvdcss-2.dll (64 bit version)

Step 2: Copy and paste the file to the Handbrake program folder (C:Program FilesHandbrake), please don't change the file name.

For Mac users

Step 1: free download the libdvdcss library:


Step 2: Type cmd+shift+G in a Finder window and go to path: /Library/SystemMigration/History/. Find libdvdcss.2.dylib under Migration-[random letters and numbers] > QuarantineRoot.

Step 3: Type cmd+shift+G in another Finder window and paste the libdvdcss.2.dylib file to /usr/local/lib.

Check the detailed guide on how to download libdvdcss on Mac >>

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Title says it all. I've used HandBrake, Subler, VideoMonkey, and RipIt. I'm familiar with mencoder. None of them seem to be able to rip the subtitles from a DVD and then get the soft subtitles to the iPad.

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This is by no means a complete answer but if the DVD you are ripping contains Closed Captioning subtitles then HandBrake gets you this for free.

Simply add the subtitles as a track. You'll be able to clearly see what must be burned in and what doesn't have to be by the options that have been greyed out.

I actually really like this option and use it whenever I can because different software can display these subtitles in different formats and all of the Apple playback software that I've used does a really nice job of displaying it readably and beautifully. I should also note that unchecking the Burned In check box won't make any difference on an iPad.

The problem is with bitmap subtitles. Essentially, I have found no software that can preserve alpha transparency when they rip bitmap subtitles and thus they require burn in to the resultant file if you want to use them directly in any Apple playback software. If you want to go this route, I have enough space to simply rip it twice, once with subtitles and once without.

What you're left with is a variety of OCR techniques that are shoddy at best as far as what I've seen on the Mac. I have heard good things about SubRip if you have any access to Windows.

Another option is to download an open SRT file and add it manually to the container. You could search for these via traditional means or give opensubtitles.org a try. YMMV. As long as the container format you're ripping to is mp4 (it should be if you're ripping for Apple devices), you can use Subler to add the external SRT track in post.

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Subler on Mac also can use OCR to convert bitmap subtitle tracks to SRT/closed-caption style softtracks.

Make sure to rip the movie in Handbrake with whatever subtitles you like and do not BURN IN the subtitles.

  1. Create a new file in Subler and drag the movie containing the bitmap subtitles to it. When given the option, only import the bitmap subtitle tracks, not the whole movie.

  2. Save the new file - Subler will convert the bitmap to a soft caption track. (This will be really slow if you added the whole movie, which is why I suggested just the subtitles in step 1).

  3. Open your movie in Subler and drag the new file (containing the converted subtitles) into it. Import the track and it will appear as SRT/text subtitles. Set the language and save.

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I do like to burn in the Foreign Subtitles though, since those are often not included in the closed captions for the deaf/impaired but rather part of the bitmap subtitle tracks.

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Please, keep in mind that usually DVD subtitles are just bitmaps (pictures), so it won't be very straightforward.

You basically have 2 options:

  1. Use something like SubRip to extract the subtitles and convert them to SRT. Here's a nice guide on the subject: https://web.archive.org/web/20120224190445/http://www.dvd-guides.com/content/view/231/59/Then import the SRT into handbrake.
  2. Download an SRT with the subtitles you want from someplace like opensubtitles.org and import the SRT into handbrake.
Handbrake rip dvd windows

D-subtitler will extract and recognize subtitles to create an SRT file. It will require some work from your part for ambiguities, since it is an OCR, but you will get a clean SRT file instead of an image track.

However, you would probably be better off starting by checking OpenSubtitles first to see if your file is not already there. Subdownloader is supposed to give you an easier (automated) access to it, but I did never care enough to try it, so I cannot guarantee it is as useful as it pretends to be ;)


You can use MakeMKV. There is a version for Mac OS.

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I try to use the free DVD Ripper software Handbrake or Avidemux to extract SRT subtitles from DVD movies, but both of them only allows me to rip the DVD file with the subtitles encoded in the video. But what I really want to do is only ripping the subtitles and not the video. Then, I find a paid application called Pavtube ByteCopy, it is quite simple to use with a friendly GUI interface, I use the program to successfully to extract the SRT file not only from DVD movies but alsoBlu-ray movies.

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