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Incremental backup, incremental replication and restore of VMware ESXi / vCenter / ESXi Free virtual machines-Incremental backup (RCT), backup from the network, and restore of Hyper-V virtual machines-Backup and restore of Microsoft Exchange 2010 (SP1), 2013, 2016-Backup and restore of Exchange Online (Office 365)- € 0. DBSync Cloud Replication allows small businesses to quickly back up their business files easily. DBSync has 53 employees and earns annual revenue of $7.7 million. Iperius Backup provides all-in-one database backup software that is easy to use, track and manage. Drive Image backup software, VMware ESXi Free and Hyper-V, SQL Server, Exchange. Backup to NAS and Tape LTO. Cloud Backup, S3, Google Drive and FTP. Windows 10 / Server 2019. Iperius Backup is a powerful tool that lets you backup your files and folders on multiple types of devices. It supports external drives, cloud accounts as well as NAS tape drives. To save precious storage space, Iperius Backup can compress your files to ZIP archives.

There are many backup tools on the market, some focused on physical server backup, some on virtual machine protection, and some on cloud workload backup. In this article, we'll look at one that covers all those workloads – Iperius Backup.
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Installation ^

There's a single download for this Windows backup program, although there are many different versions of it. You can enable a 21-day trial of the full product. After that, if you don't pay for one of the commercial versions, it'll revert back to the basic free version.

Main console

There are Desktop versions (1 and 3 PCs, XP to 10), Essential (for single server backup, 2003–2019), Advanced VM (both Hyper-V and VMware; see below), Advanced DB (SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL), Advanced TAPE (DAT and LTO 1–7), Advanced Exchange (Exchange 2016–2019 and Exchange Online), and Full, which combines all features in a single product. The full version is $299 and there are discounts if you purchase licenses for multiple servers.

Iperius can back up to external USB drives, NAS drives, network drives (SMB and FTP), tape drives, and cloud destinations (Google Drive, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, OneDrive, and Dropbox). Backed up data can be protected with 256-bit AES encryption.

I installed the trial on one node in my four-node Windows Server 2016 S2D Hyper-V cluster and enabled the trial of the full version. Installation was a standard next–next–next affair.

Configuration ^

I found Iperius easy to use. Configuration settings were easy to get to and simple to set, including picking the language for the UI. It's clear this is a product made in Europe (Italy), not in the US where it's often English only.

General settings

I then created my first backup job with a wizard that stepped me through picking the VMs to back up.

I had to select a backup storage location, options for the job, email notification for job status, and the schedule to determine the frequency of the backups.

Setting a backup schedule

This was very straightforward, but I'd like to see additional notification beyond email. For instance, web hooks and maybe even an API would be good options so that you could set Iperius to let you know the status of your backup jobs in Slack or your IT service desk software.

One of the options was to use a zip utility to compress the backups. I enabled this option, which saved about 50% disk space compared to the full size of my four production VMs.

For Hyper-V, Iperius isn't cluster-aware. I could add individual hosts and see their VMs but not the overall cluster. On the VMware side, the story is more comprehensive. Supported versions include ESXi 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x, along with ESXi free. It supports both incremental and differential backup (CBT/VDDK) and connects to vCenter for backup or restore. Iperius also supports replication of VMs between datastores and between hosts with no agent required.

Restore ^

Backup is useless if you can't restore your data. Because Iperius protects data in its native format (VHD/VHDX for Hyper-V and VMDK for VMware, for example), you can easily mount a drive and extract a file or a folder, for either Hyper-V or VMware. Note that this type of restore can be done on any virtual disk (not necessarily from an Iperius backup) and can be done with any Iperius installation, including the free version.

For whole VMs, the restores can be done to any host. On the Exchange side, backups are done to PST files. These have challenges in larger environments, and this is not a preferred way to backup large numbers of mailboxes.

New features in version 7.0 ^

The main new feature in version 7.0 are incremental and differential Hyper-V backups for Windows 10, Server 2016 and Server 2019. You can maintain multiple restore points and perform automatic restores on different hosts. Iperius also supports VMware ESXi incremental replication of virtual machines from host to host (without the need for vCenter).

In addition, you can clone disks and make bare metal restore of an image backup using the Iperius recovery media remotely. The latest release also improved the performance.

Conclusion ^

Iperius Backup is a capable Windows backup product with good coverage of different workloads and backup destinations; however, there is some work involved in making Hyper-V clusters easily protected. It's incredibly cost effective, with a single full license at only $299.

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Iperius also has several other products that integrate with the backup tool to extend its reach, such as Remote Desktop (for remote management and control, including clients for Android and iOS as well as PC), Iperius Storage for online cloud backup storage, and Console for managing multiple backup installations (or other software – it's a full package for Managed Service Providers [MSPs]).

Iperius Backup is a capable Windows backup product with good coverage of different workloads and backup destinations; however, there is some work involved in making Hyper-V clusters easily protected. It's incredibly cost effective, with a single full license at only $299. Starting from version 6, Iperius allows you to restore individual files or folders from backups of VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. It is a very useful and very powerful feature, as it allows you to restore some files by taking them directly from the backups of the virtual machines, without the need. Iperius is the perfect tool for all companies that offer remote technical assistance services. One of the best remote desktop software, with advanced features for IT companies: Unlimited users and remote devices. File transfer and multiple access passwords. Granular security policies for operators and remote computers.

  1. Iperius Storage is the professional cloud backup service for Iperius Backup, a powerful and full-featured backup software for Windows. Iperius Backup allows to create drive images, backups of files, databases (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.), Exchange mail servers and virtual machines (VMware ESXi/ESXi Free, vCenter, Hyper-V) to any destination: FTP servers, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive.
  2. Backup di server, macchine virtuali Hyper-V / ESXi, database SQL Server / MySQL, Cloud e FTP, Tape LTO, Drive image. Iperiusbackup.net: visit the most interesting Iperius Backup pages, well-liked by male users from USA, or check the rest of iperiusbackup.net data below.
Iperius Backup Free Download 2021 Archives

Pick the plan that suits your data protection needs. All prices are monthly recurring and include all future software updates and upgrades. Yearly recurring plan is available with one free month!

  • VMware Backup & Restore
  • Hyper-V Backup & Restore
  • Files & Folders Backup & Restore
  • Off-Host Hyper-V Backup & Restore
  • Differential Backup
  • Incremental/Reverse Incremental Backup
  • Hyper-V Cluster Support
  • Backup Guard
  • Backup Publishing
  • VMware HotAdd/SAN Backup modes
  • File Level Restore
  • Full Storage Deduplication
  • Virtual Disk files Indexing & Restore
  • Centralized Management Console
  • MS Exchange 2010 & 2013 Mailboxes Restore
  • Multiple Simultaneous Backup Threads
  • Multiple BackupSet Scheduling
  • Backup Optimiziation Engine
  • Full VM Backup Integrity Check
  • Transactional Backup
  • Backup Virtual Disk Selection
  • E-Mail reporting
  • SharePoint reporting
  • AD Based Security, Login & Permissions
  • Host to Site Disaster Recovery
  • Host to Host Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud/Disaster Recovery Site
  • Forum Community Support
  • Email Support
  • Premium Support


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  • Max 3 VMs
  • Max 3 VMs
  • Differential Backup' src='/Content/img/img_unavail.png'>
  • 2 threads
  • 1 schedule
  • Direct Email Support' src='/Content/img/img_unavail.png'>



  • Differential Backup' src='/Content/img/img_avail.png'>
  • Max 500GB
  • Direct Email Support' src='/Content/img/img_avail.png'>



  • Differential Backup' src='/Content/img/img_avail.png'>
  • Max 5TB
  • Direct Email Support' src='/Content/img/img_avail.png'>



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Full VMware Backup Support

Full Backup and Restore of VMware ESX and VMware ESXi. VSquare can backup and restore fully licensed VMware ESXi and fully VMware free ESXi installations!

Full Hyper-V Backup Support

Backup and Restore any Hyper-V virtual machine. We support both on-host and off-host installation Hyper-V with highly optimized network transfers!

Free VMware ESXi support

VSquare fully supports the free version of ESXi not just for simple backups but also for full restore and granular file level recovery!

Physical Machines Backup

Iperius Backup Free Download 2021 Archives Full

Physical servers are far from disappeared. VSquare is fully capable of creating complete raw partition images or (if you prefer) backup only specific folders and files from physical servers or just any PC.

Exchange Backup & Restore

Restore your emails, attachments and folders straight from your backup disks. No recovery server or clean shutdown required : we restore your messages straight from your db into a PST file! Directly from VMware or Hyper-V Backup files.

Full Storage Deduplication

VSquare can create a fully deduplicated virtual storage that can deduplicate all your VMware and Hyper-V backups transparently while keeping your data always available!

Centralized Administration

Our Anywhere Administration Console can be installed on any VMware or Hyper-V machine and used to manage an unlimited number of VSquare Backup installations remotely. You could even manage your company backup from your home PC!

File Level Restore

Browse your VMware or Hyper-V backup virtual disk filesystem and restore single files, multiple files from different disks or full folders immediately. Extract any content from NTFS, FAT and EXT filesystems.

Files indexing

Each file in your VMware or Hyper-V backup virtual disks is automatically indexed. Freely search any file in any backup and restore it with a few clicks. The backup has rolled and you have it on a tape? No problem, you can merge back you backup anytime.

Backup Integrity Check

Check all your VMware or Hyper-V backups at filesystem level and spot immediately problems in your source VM or on your target disks!

SmartCopy Backup

By enabling and fully supporting VMware CBT technology, VSquare backup only what has changed from your last backup. Transform a multiple terabytes backup taking hours in a work of minutes.

Hyper-V CBT Support

VSquare technology can simulate Change Block Tracking behavior also on Hyper-V! Long, overnight backups can become a matter of a few hours.

Disaster Recovery

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Iperius Backup Free Download 2021 Archives

Secure your infrastructure by automatically synchronize all your VMware or Hyper-V machines to another virtual center (or to our cloud!). Your virtual machines will be ready to be switched on if anything happens. Your data is secure 24x7.

Your own cloud

You can create your own personal cloud inside your environment and have your backups automatically transferred to you central sites or to your backup infrastructure.


That's right. No software required on your VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines. Just install VSquare on your favorite machine (even a virtual one of course) and you are ready to backup your virtual machines!

Smart Cloud Backup

VSquare cloud is not just storage. Every VMware or Hyper-V backup is stored so that you can search & restore any file from the cloud or even your full virtual machine!

Active Directory Based Security

Do you want some people to see and manage only a specific Virtual Machine backups or only specific hosts or datacenters? Configure settings and permissions for any VSquare functionality using your Active Directory Users and Groups.

Email Alerts

Every VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine backup, restore or task will send a detailed report email to your configured account. Receive your backup schedule status, disk space alerts and upload reports directly in your inbox with a mobile-friendly format!

Backup Disks Selection

Select wich disks you want to backup instead of just cloning the full VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine. Save precious storage space with those huge file servers!

Automatic Updates

VSquare is configured to automatically stay up to date with every latest patch, fix or feature update. No need to reinstall or download again...And yes, every update will be free for your VMware or Hyper-V backup.

No Limits

That's right. Our licensing does not have any limit on what you can do with your VSquare. So this means no per socket fees, no per machine fees not per cluster fees and so on!

Iperius Backup 7.2.4 is the latest version of the software backup solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere environments.

This product is totally agentless and requires only 30 MB for the installation. Compared to other solutions, Iperius Backup provides the support also for the ESXi free version.

Iperius Backup new features

Iperius Backup For Vsphere And Hyper Archives Free

Although version 7.2.4 includes some improvements and bug fixes only, latest versions provided relevant new features:

  • Added the NBDSSL transport method to the VMware ESXi backup to improve the performance
  • Snapshots for Windows VM can now be taken by choosing between VSS COPY (default) and VSS FULL mode
  • Additional info has been added to the list of backup jobs such as size, number of files and time taken
  • Introduced backward compatibility for PowerShell 3.0 for Exchange 365 and EWS mode backup
  • Several improvements and optimizations
  • Bug fixes

Additional info can be found in the Release Notes page.

Iperius Backup key main features

Iperius Backup Free Download 2021 Archives

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Iperius Backup is a complete solution to protect your vSphere and Hyper-V environments and provides the following main features:

  • Totally agentless
  • The software can perform hot backups of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Backup of ESXi free is supported
  • Support for incremental and differential backups for ESXi (CBT/VDDK) and Hyper-V (RCT)
  • Backups can be stored on disk, network, cloud, NAS and LTO tape
  • Pre-freeze and post-thaw scripts are used to ensure consistent backup for Linux VM
  • Virtual machines can be restored on different hosts and from specific incremental or differential backups
  • Files and folders can be restored directly from a VMware or Hyper-V VM backup without restoring the entire VM
  • Incremental replication of virtual machines on ESXI free hosts

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Iperius Free

Iperius Backup For VSphere And Hyper Archives 2017

Iperius Backup is licensed with a single perpetual license for unlimited hosts and virtual machines. With a single installation you can protect both Hyper-V and vSphere (ESXi free included) hypervisors.

Available editions for Hyper-V and vSphere:

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Iperius Backup Software

  • Advanced VM - Backup, replication and restore of VM ESXi, ESXi Free, Hyper-V
  • Full - All backup types: Drive image, backup of VMware ESXi and Hyper-V, database backup (SQL Server, MySQL, etc.), Exchange backup. All types of destinations: NAS, cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, S3, etc.), FTP / SFTP, USB, RDX, Tape LTO, etc.

Iperius Backup For VSphere And Hyper Archives Youtube

Iperius Backup 7.2.4 is available to download as 21-day free trial.