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Select Archive to point to the ZIP archive of the update site. Press OK to proceed. When you do not have m2eclipse installed, uncheck the JRebel m2eclipse plugin during installation. [email protected] (941) 359-7583. Program that provides free online access to select archival resources from collections in the State Library and Archives of. Once downloaded, open Help Install New Software and press Add. Select Archive to point to the ZIP archive of the update site. Press OK to proceed. Avoid installing the JRebel plugin using the marketplace as this may produce a non-functioning installation.

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When I added '-Drebel.remoting_plugin=true' to run my Spring Boot jar file, I got this error:java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to determine code source archive from file.

Tips:Jrebel remote server configuration

JRebel integrates with the application server, and when a class or resource is updated it is read from the workspace instead of the archive. This allows for instant updates of not just classes, but any kind of resources like HTML, XML, JSP, CSS,.properties and so on.

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This is a bug in JRebel versions 7.0.13-7.1.4 which caused the ProtectionDomain CodeSource location URL to be incorrect for reloadable classes that are originally loaded from a JAR.

This affects spring-boot versions <= 1.3.8 as the bootstrap classes and application classes were not separated in the fat jar(1.4.0 introduced BOOT-INF/classes), so a spring-boot internal class was reloadable and received the incorrect URL.

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Until 7.1.5 is released you can download the nightly build here: https://zeroturnaround.com/software/jrebel/download/nightly-build/

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