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On the toolbar, select the 'count' to the right of the word Facts (e.g., Facts 234) to reveal the Facts List results - a navigable listing of all currently highlighted tagged facts. The count represents the current number of facts.

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Alternative name(s): TNA, Kew (Also known as) Date: 2003-History: (Place of Deposit). Government department and executive agency reporting to the Lord Chancellor, formed in April 2003 by bringing together the Public Record Office (PRO) and the Historical Manuscripts Commission (HMC) to become The National Archives (TNA) at Kew, Surrey.

  • PROG ARCHIVES intends to be the most complete and powerful progressive rock resource. You can find the progressive rock music discographies from 11,769 bands & artists, 66,828 albums (LP, CD and DVD), 1,845,987 ratings and reviews from 65,694 members who also participate in our active forum.
  • Archives can be daunting because each one is a little different and generally people are less familiar with Archives than with libraries and museums. Archival research has you leading the process and direction of finding the information you seek. No fear there are staff to help. These FAQs will address some of your preliminary questions.
  • CoinArchives Pro: Your source for advanced research and market information on ancient and modern coins and medals. CoinArchives Pro is a database that helps you: Gather recent and historical market information. Research the rarity of coins on the auction market. Make better buying and selling decisions.
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By default, all tagged facts are displayed in the Fact List Results. The list content and count reflects the currently highlighted facts (i.e., both Filters and Search criteria refine the list to match the highlighted tagged facts). Navigation controls are available to move through the list as well as move the current view to the corresponding highlighted fact location automatically. When a fact in the Facts Results List is selected, it will reveal the Fact Review Window.

Certain letters may appear to the right of an item in the Fact Result list to indicate a certain property. If the letter 'A' appears for a fact, it indicates the fact is additional data (i.e., hidden with potentially no corresponding HTML presentation). If the letter 'C' appears, the fact is tagged with a custom tag. If the letter 'D' appears, the fact is tagged with dimensional information.

Admit it…you’ve been envious of another horse’s glistening coat. Achieving that high-gloss shine takes time, elbow grease, and a few tricks of the trade. Professional groom Samantha Burton Henley says there is no substitute for a good grooming, ideally a twice a day curry—but specific techniques can make the job easier while creating a polished look. Here’s her advice for achieving a finished look that will make other riders stop and take notice.

Q: Hey Samantha, how do you clip a horse without leaving tracks?

Clipping isn’t hard, but it does take skill, technique, and practice. The biggest mistake Henley says riders make in clipping is starting on a dirty horse. Many people pull their horses out of the field, knock the dust off with a brush and fire up the clippers. Bathing the horse first translates into a smoother, invisible lines. After the horses are clean, she sprays Abosrbine ShowSheen® on the horse’s entire coat before trimming begins.

“When you cover them in ShowSheen they clip out so much easier and cleaner,” she says.

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Q: Your horses’ tails are never tangled or knotted! How do you detangle your horses’ tails?

Horse owners are divided on tail care. Some prefer never touching one until right before a show. Others, comb and condition tails daily. This is the approach Henley follows. She works through the horse’s tail every time it comes out of its stall. The frequent attention means there is never a snarl.

“Nothing makes me cringe more than watching someone grab a tail brush, going to town and ripping out pieces of the tail,” she says.

Picking the right detangler is as much a part of her routine. For as long as Henley can remember Absorbine ShowSheen® has been her go-to product. Not only do knots slip right out of the hair, the conditioner reduces hair breakage for fuller, longer manes and tails.


For an extra shine, she applies ShowSheen® Detangler Gel made with Argan oil of Morocco.

“I am obsessed with it. After a bath I put the oil in because it makes the tail look shiny,” she says. “I’ll also put the oil in dry tails when they come out of stall. Right before the ring I use it for a little extra shine.”

Q: Horse shows are dusty, how do you keep it from sticking to your horses?

Dust, grit, and grime are part of every horse show but it doesn't have to dull a shiny coat. Henley relies on ShowSheen to repel dust and uses the spray as a touch-up throughout the day.

She sprays ShowSheen onto a rag and wipes it over the horse’s coat. This removes loose dirt and debris creating a finished look. She also keeps a bottle of Miracle Groom Bath in a Bottle and ShowSheen® Stain Remover & Whitener.

“I’ll spray that on a towel and use it on the horse to remove any dust, poop, or debris that should be there,” she said. “It creates so much shine too and all the products smell so good.”

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