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[UPDATE (12-10-2011): ProPresenter version 5 is coming out very soon and looks extremely good! Most of the complaints I had about version 4 have been addressed, as well as some very impressive add-ons they have done. Check out their tutorials section to get an idea of how promising this looks. There will even be PlanningCenter Online integration. I expect that to have about 1,000 bugs and glitches when it comes out, but it’s still a great idea nonetheless. Unfortunately the system requirements are a little steep for this upgrade (for Mac they recommend at least a 2.4 Ghz processor). This update may change my mind on which software to go with. If you are on the fence about MediaShout or Propresenter, you may want to wait a little longer. And then of course MediaShout will come out with version 5 and you’ll be even more confused. Isn’t competition great! – AC]

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If there’s one thing that can divide worship “techies” quicker than the question “should we have moving backgrounds or not?”, it’s got to be what media presention software to use. The 3 biggies are ProPresenter, MediaShout, or EasyWorship (at least in the area of the US where I live and in the denominations where I have served). As a church worker/minister, I’ve used each one of these extensively. MediaShout for about 2 1/2 years, EasyWorship for about 2 1/2 years, and ProPresenter for about 6 months. And with each program (save Easyworship) I built it from the ground up and maintained it. So am I an expert? Oh I don’t know; but I get paid to do it, so that makes me at least a professional. right? Back to the main question – so many programs, all around the same cost, same “feature set”, which one should we use?

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ProPresenter has so many features! You can do so many different things to present on multiple screens, keying, playing back video. And it is so much more stable and powerful than PowerPoint for presentations. Cons I don't think the pricing model for ProPresenter 6 and before. It was very expensive and all advanced features added a ton of cost. Propresenter 6 Unlock Code Windows. Star Topology Cost.

So my advice: go with MediaShout, my personal favorite.


Currently at version 4.5, mediashout now offers the best value in it’s category. Native Quicktime support, countdown timers, adjustable stage displays, and even pdf cues (the ability to display pdf files) are just a view new tools it now offers. I won’t waste words telling about all the bugs, irritations, and problems with ProPresenter and EasyWorship. In a nutshell, EasyWorship is not suitable for any church over 100 people. It may be easy to set up, but it’s just not powerful enough and lacks the polish of a truly professional product. In the other corner is the mighty and acclaimed ProPresenter, who’s greatest strength is in name only. It’s reputation really gives it too much credit. It’s complicated, far too expensive (example – you must purchase the license for every Bible you want to use.), and has crashed on me numerous times. Shocking…a Mac-based product crashing!

MediaShout is the most feature rich, well-organized, and best valued software in this category. It hits that sweet spot between ease-of-use and power. Upgrades are cheap, updates are frequent, and with a few short tutorials any church can be up and running with MediaShout in no time. MediaShout is also now available for Mac, too. I could go on and on, but the info is out there for anybody to compare and judge these three presentation products side-by-side.

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