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If you view a lot of IFC files in Tekla BIMsight, you may find that the cache or storage folder fills up quite quickly. If this is in its default location of %localappdata%TeklaTekla BIMsight then you could use up valuable space on your SSD.

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Tekla Structures Support

We can easily move this folder using symbolic links. In the script below, we:

  • check the default directory exists, and if so rename it
  • make a symbolic link to a new target directory, in this case I have used E:TeklaBimSight
  • make the new directory if necessary
  • copy existing contents to the new directory

To use the script:

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Tekla Structures Cost

  1. Close Tekla BIMsight
  2. Copy text from the script into Notepad and save as CMD. Modify the target directory to your preference
  3. Save the script with CMD extension
  4. Right click and Run As Administrator
  5. Open BIMsight and confirm all is working ok
  6. Optional: delete the bimsight.old directory to cleanup