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Voice changer for Zoom: As many of are working from home, we conduct zoom meetings. During Zoom calls many users change there voice for fun. 7 Best Voice Changer Software for PC free. Download full version Here we have listed best voice-changing software with Pros and Cons. Clownfish Voice Changer. Clownfish is an essential voice changer. Learn about the best Voice Changer for PC! - How to Change your voice! 😎In this video I show you how you can change your voice with the best voice changer s.

  • Use the Voxal voice changer software to disguise and morph your voice in real time with fun effects, use a text-to-speech tool, and more.
  • Com Voxal Voice Changer Software Powerful And Real Time 10 Best Voice Changer Software For Pc 2019 How To Use Voicemod Voice Changer On Obs You. Archives Archives.
  • Once you are happy with your voice, click on Save and your voice will appear in Voxal's left hand panel ready for you to use. Tip: It is helpful to add an Amplify effect to your voice so that you can have good control over its volume level. This will help to reduce the need to keep adjusting the output level on Voxal's main screen.

Creating a New Voice

Once you have used Voxal for a while you will probably want to get creative and build your own custom voices. Doing so is easy and follows pretty much the same path as editing voices described in the page before this one.

Jul 17, 2019 If you cannot find it's uninstaller, then you may need to uninstall Voxal Voice Changer to completely delete voxal.exe. You can use the Add/Remove Program function in the Windows Control Panel. In the Start menu (for Windows 8, right-click the screen's bottom-left corner), click Control Panel, and then under Programs.

Start by clicking the New button in the toolbar. You will need to supply a name for your effect and then use the effect window to add a series of effects to create your new voice. Once you are happy with your voice, click on Save and your voice will appear in Voxal's left hand panel ready for you to use.

Tip: It is helpful to add an Amplify effect to your voice so that you can have good control over its volume level. This will help to reduce the need to keep adjusting the output level on Voxal's main screen. You will see that all the effects which are built into Voxal include an Amplify effect.

Note: Your computer only has a limited amount of processing power which means there will be a limit to the number of effects you can add. If you start to notice that Voxal is not performing well and you are getting breaks in your microphone audio, then you may need to decrease the number of effects applied to that voice.

Price: Free (home use only), Free Trial or from $1.11/month

VERDICT: Voxal Voice Changer is an excellent and user-friendly program from NCHsoftware for changing your voice.

Voxal applies numerous voice and sound effects in real time and is also capable of recording audio files. This lets users change their voices in almost any app that uses a microphone, including many games, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc.

  • Real-time/in-recording mode
  • Extensive compatibility with apps and devices
  • Straightforward UI, assigns hotkeys
  • Many voices/effects and their customization
  • Doesn’t take up system resources
  • Certain effects are unavailable for free
  • Some apps require restarting

Voxal Voices is designed to help users disguise or change their voices for anonymity or entertainment on the Internet, create voices for voice-over videos, audiobooks, podcasts and games, apply multiple effects to a recorded audio file with the ability to listen to the result.

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Voxal Voice Changer Review

Voice Changer Voxal is the simplest way to change your gender in a voice chat, voice animation, have fun with your friends in a team game, or create your own unique set of voice modification effects.

How To Use Voxal On Discord

Aside from working with voice, it is possible to change the external environment, playback device and background.

For a small price or a monthly subscription, all advanced voice modification features and even simple audio editing will become available.

  • Choose the best microphone for podcasting.

Make Voice Sound Like a Robot or Alien

This software doesn’t only distort your voice. Also, Voxal offers a fairly diverse list of options for making your voice resemble different sounds.

Indeed, you will find classic options for changing the pitch when you only need to slightly change the sound of your natural voice. But there are many more options in the Voxal Voice Changer voices pack.

Users are capable of changing their voices from male to female and vice versa. In addition, they can take on the voice of a robot or alien, an echo, or a television announcer. Working not only with the voice but also with the surroundings, it is possible to apply sound effects in a variety of rooms and settings, as well as simulate a telephone conversation or radio message.

1-Click Voice Modification

Voxal Voice Changer supports the editing of ready-made effects and presets using various settings and the audio equalizer.

Extensive options for setting parameters and ordering vocal effects in the chain let users create an unlimited number of new sounds and custom voices.

Users can upload and save effect chains for voice modification, as well as output the modified sound to speakers to hear the effects live.

  • Choose the best podcast equipment for beginners and experts.

Voice Changer For Discord, Skype, Steam Gaming Trolling

It is the best voice changer software for gamers who wish to disguise their voice while playing CSGO, Rainbow 6, WOW, Battlefield 2, Second Life, or any other online game with voice chat, like the ones from a Steam subscription.

Moreover, Voxal works well with the majority of video streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live, and with communication applications like Skype or Team Speak.

You Don’t Need Guides or Tutorials

The user-friendly interface saves the user from a long period of mastering the program. The saved time can be used to directly switch to voice editing and auto-search for audio recordings.

It is possible to assign keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently used effects. Voxal is also quite lightweight, which means that it doesn't affect the system's performance when combined with other applications.

Real-Time Voice Changing

The program operates in real time, meaning that the user can change or modify the voice during a conversation via a headset, microphone, or other input devices. This is suitable for cases when it is impossible to use a recording, such as a live phone call.

Besides, this voice changer software lets users modify recorded audio files and messages. The ability to skip and select the type of audio you wish to change is a worthy one.

  • Choose the best digital voice recorder to save sound.

Voice Changer Voxal Price

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee available, as well as great discounts from 5 units. Take a look at the pricing plans for Windows and Mac and pick the most fitting variant for your needs:

  • Voxal Voice Changer Plus – Commercial License – $14.99/one-time purchase (perpetual unlimited license)
  • Voxal Voice Changer Plus – Home Use Only – $12.99/one-time purchase (perpetual license)
  • Voxal Voice Changer Plus – Commercial License Quarterly Plan – Monthly Subscription Plan – starts at $1.11/month for one user

I suggest making a one-time purchase of Voice Changer Voxal as it will open up the possibility of commercial and unlimited use, access to advanced features and updates. In addition, a more than 50% off discount is available now.

Those who purchase Voxal Voice Changer gain access to free technical support and continuous updates for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Similar Products

  • Developer: Voicemod S.L.
  • Developer: Screaming Bee Inc.
  • Developer: AVSoft Corp.
  • Developer: Shark Labs

These applications will come in handy as they are all capable of changing the voice in real time and are available for free or with a free trial. MorphVOX provides a mobile version as well, allowing users to modify their voices during a phone conversation.

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If you are looking for the best free voice changer, here, we put a light on the list of the best real-time voice changer available out there in the market for you.

In case you require adding some fun to your gaming experience, or you are willing to make some funny videos simply, a voice changer software may be what you actually need. With the use of such software or programs, it becomes possible for you to easily create voices of ghosts, aliens, cute babies, cartoons, robots, men, women, boys, girls, and many other voices. Sounds cool? There are mainly two types of voice changers. The first one is the real-time voice changer that allows you to change your voice in real-time. And, the second one is a voice changer that will require you to first record the voice before trying to change or alter it.

Before moving ahead to list the best free voice changer software, let’s first have a look at the factors to be considered while selecting such software.

Factors To Be Considered For Selecting The Best Free Voice Changer Software
List Of The Best Voice Changer Software

Factors To Be Considered For Selecting The Best Free Voice Changer Software

The most important factors that you will need to consider while making the best selection of the best free voice changer software or program are as follows:

PS: if you would like to know about the best voice changer for Discord or What is NoiseGator, just click to read more.

● Support For Gaming and Streaming

There are many online streaming and gaming platforms, like Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. The games like Counter-Strike, WOW, Second Life, etc. are the online games that also offer voice chat. While selecting a voice changer software for yourself, you should also check whether or not the software has good support for these streaming and gaming platforms.

● VoIP Compatibility

The voice changer software that you are going to finalize for your own use must be fully compatible with the VoIP applications like Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Viber, etc. With this feature in your voice changer, you will be able to make your online calls funny and interesting.

● Sound Library

A good voice changer software offers a good collection of effects and voices. Some software also comes with a collection of background sounds. You can also consider that feature as an important factor while making your selection.

● Price

Price is a very crucial factor to be considered because you will not be able to purchase a program that is not in your budget. However, some programs are free to use, and some offer a free trial version along with their paid versions. But generally, free versions have some limitations and restrictions. And, if you don’t want to have those restrictions, you will need to buy the premium or paid version. Hence, the price is also a very important factor that you will need to consider. Generally, a good voice changer software offers a good value for your money, and you will not regret later on having bought their paid version.

● User Interface

I don’t think you will prefer a voice changer that possesses a big library of voice options and sounds and many awesome features as well, but the user interface is very complicated. You will always like to prefer a program with a simple and intuitive user-interface, which is easy to use. So user interface is also a very important factor to be considered while making your final selection. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface will make it possible for you to be able to use the software very comfortably without facing any problem.

Also, if you wonder Is Voicemod Safe, here is the best answer.

List Of The Best Voice Changer Software

Below I have provided the list of the best free voice changer software (including the real-time voice changer as well):

1) Voicemod

Voice Changer No Download Pc

In case you are looking for a good voice changing option for chatting and streaming online, you will definitely like to have VoiceMod installed on your PC or computer. It is one of the best free voice changer software. However, it offers a paid version, as well. And, the list of the chatting & streaming applications which are considered to be compatible with VoiceMode includes Twitch, Skype, Discord, Stream Deck and VRChat. VoiceMod is a real-time voice changer, which means it will help you alter or change your voice in real-time. This voice changer also offers support for many online games, including Minecraft, Fortnite, and PUBG as well.

When it comes to the list of the various voices and effects offered by the tool, it includes baby, Chipmunk, Android, Police, Alien, and many more.

2) Morph VOX

Morph VOX is a voice changer software offering both free as well as paid versions and comes with a wide range of awesome features. The free version offered by it is called MorphVox Junior, and the paid version is called MorphVox Pro. Morph VOX is actually a real-time voice changer and will help you alter your voice in real-time. So you can make use of this program for your gaming and online communication purposes. It is very easy to integrate Morph VOX with various types of chat platforms and games. In addition, it also offers you a feature to add background noise also.

As far as the supported operating system is concerned, you will be able to use it only on Windows PC or computer. And, if you are wondering about the difference between the free and paid versions of the program, let me make it clear to you that the free version of Morph VOX comes with only three options: male, female & kid. If you don’t like this kind of limitation or restriction, I would recommend you to buy its paid or premium version (MorphVox Pro). There is also a trial version of seven days, which is fully functional.

3) Voxal Voice Changer

With numerous effects and voice types, Voxal Voice Changer is another tool in this list of the best voice changer software. It is light-weight software and offers a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It can be used to change voice in any application that makes use of microphones. So you will be able to use this voice changer with almost all of your favorite games. It can change your voice in real-time. Along with the feature to change the voice in real-time, it also offers the feature to alter the pre-recorded audio.

As far as the supported operating systems are concerned, you can use this program on your Windows & Mac devices. If you are in need of using it for your home use, it will be free to use. But, on the other hand, you will have to buy it in order to be able to use it for business needs. There is also a trial version of 14 days, which you can use before making your final buying decision.

4) All-In-One Voice Changer

If you are fond of making pranks of your friends & relatives, this software will be a great choice. However, it is not free but also offers a trial version (having cat voice only) in free. An interesting thing about this program is that it allows you to change or alter the voice in mid-conversation. This kind of alteration during conversation can make conversation funnier, right? There is a slide bar in the software, which you will need to move towards the left or right in order to alter the voice pitch. Along with the feature to change the voice in real-time, this software also allows you to alter a pre-recorded audio file in .wav format.

All-in-One Voice Changer has been specially developed for online dating purposes. And, it can also be linked to the IM tools like QQ international and Yahoo Messenger.

5) Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer offers a straightforward installation process and is supported by the Windows operating system only. It doesn’t put much load on the performance of your CPU. There is a large range of voice options that you will be provided by this software. Some of the voice options are Baby Pitch, Female Pitch, Male Pitch, Robot, Alien, and Darth Vaber. You are allowed to use the program in almost any application that makes use of a microphone. For example, Skype, Discord, Viber, TeamSpeak, etc. It is also possible to use it in your favorite games. And here is the full Clownfish Voice Changer review for your refrence.

6) AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is not actually free but offers a free trial version also. You can integrate the software with applications like Skype, Twitch, Discord, and Steam. Hence, it is possible for you to use the program while making the live streams on Twitch. And, it is also possible for you to surprise those who you are talking to via chat apps.

When it comes to the process of changing voice with the use of this voice changer, the process is very simple and easy to execute. All you need to do is just apply the audio effect or make adjustments in the voice preferences. It is also possible to edit the audio files with the use of this voice changer. You are also allowed to select whether you want the voice to be more feminine or sound higher than that in your original file.

Final Words on the Best Free Voice Changer

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No matter whether you intend to make a prank of your friends or you are in need of having a cool gaming experience. In both of the cases, the programs provided above in the list of the best voice changer software will definitely make you have an awesome experience with your voice. You can confidently go ahead to choose any 1 out of them as per your choice and preferences.