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Similar to the above, disabling Enable HD may resolve any artifacts or distortion on your camera feed. Go to VCam’s menu then Settings, go to Output then under Additional Options, disable Enable HD. Alternatively, you can go to XSplit Connect: Webcam ‘s settings by tapping on the settings icon, changing the Encoder to Manual and setting the.

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OBS Studio (also known as Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS) is a screen-casting and live-streaming software available across multiple platforms including macOS, Windows and Linux.

September 29, 2021. XSplit VCam offers cutting-edge background replacement, removal, and blurring that’s possible with any webcam and without the need for expensive green screens, complicated lighting setups, and tons of space. Now, via a new Apple World Today deal, you can get a lifetime subscription for only US$29. XSplit VCam Alternatives. XSplit VCam is described as 'makes cutting edge background removal and blurring possible with any webcam, without the need for expensive green screens, and complicated lighting setups' and is an app in the Video & Movies category. There are seven alternatives to XSplit VCam for Windows, Online / Web-based, Android. Dec 17, 2020 XSplit Broadcaster by SplitMediaLabs is a powerful audio/video mixing application that enables you to create professional quality live broadcasts and video recordings. XSplit Broadcaster for Mac is not yet available, but you can try some of the similar apps listed here. Open Broadcaster Software.

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Xsplit Mac Archives
You can broadcast and record, mix live streams of data, and add web sources, just like xsplit!
it does everything xsplit can and is free as in freedom
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OBS is very difficult to use and very time consuming just to get a stream going.

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gtakingbest standard feature broadcaster software in this day and age. when you open it you see that you can even start broadcasting with your primary monitor without a camera, without any additional hardware other than a single microphone!
free and simple to use if you just want to hit record and play a game
I can do everything I did with Xplit using OBS. Vidéo intro, green/blue screen background. Sometime it takes time to handle but not so much.

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Less user friendly than XSplit